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5 Issues to Clarify Before You Sign a Rental Contract

Starting off on the right note with your landlord is a great start to enjoying life here in Libya! Since your landlord is someone who you will likely see often as well as someone you can go to for help and advice on life in Libya, you are wise to make him or her a friend from the beginning. To help in becoming a friend of your landlord, try to cover these five issues before you sign the contract to rent his or her property. How is the rent to be paid? This may seem like a normal item that […]

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Possible Additional Expenses

There are two potential expenses that the renter should be aware of from the beginning. The first is the price for writing the rental contract. The second is rental taxes. Contract Fee Once an agreement is reached between yourself and the owner, it is time to write up the official contract. This is typically done at a lawyer’s office and comes with a fee. Expect to pay around 100 to 150 LYD for this service. The contract is usually written in Arabic so it may be a good idea to have a translator present. You will sign the contract and

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Rental Price and “Deposit” Expectations

For the renter looking for a property here in Tripoli, there are a couple of items to consider. The first is the monthly rental price. The second is the amount of up front rent that you pay at the time of signing the contract. Let’s first talk about rental prices. As in any rental market, the price is highly dependent on the area of Tripoli you want to live in. Most of the expats choose to live in the Gergaresh, Hay Andalous, Siyahiya, Serraj, Ben Ashour, Nofleen or Dahamani areas. These areas are closer to the center of Tripoli, contain

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Furnished or Unfurnished Housing?

As you consider settling in Tripoli, both furnished and unfurnished accommodations are available. As you consider your next house for rent in Tripoli, take some time to consider the furnishings. What are the pros & cons of a furnished place versus and unfurnished place? Furnished homes in Tripoli Over the last few years, we have been able to see a lot of different furnished apartments and villas in Tripoli. You will quickly see that there are a different levels of furnished accommodations. Furnished homes range from basic furnishings to fully furnished. A basic furnished property will usually have beds, appliances

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