Apartments for Rent in Tripoli

Do you need an apartment for rent in Tripoli, Libya?

Looking for the perfect apartment can be a challenge!

Finding an apartment does not have to be a terrible experience. If you follow these simple ideas, we believe you can locate the right apartment that fits your needs.

Timing can be everything!

There are 2 key things to remember concerning timing! Don’t be in a hurry and remember when you are looking.

Don’t be in a hurry: Many people wait until the very last moment to start looking for their new apartment. Anytime that you are in a rush, you begin to compromise your chances for finding the perfect place to stay.

As your valuable time ticks away, you begin to settle for options that don’t really meet your standards and criteria. When you plan ahead, you can take your time to look at options and make a wise decision.

When to look: The best time to look for apartments is either at the end of the month or a new school year.

Remember that apartments in Tripoli are usually rented on a monthly or yearly basis, so checking for openings can be very effective around the end of a month.

If you let your agent know ahead of time, they can let you know when they hear of a property that is going to open up.

Not all apartment buildings are created equal!

Remember as you begin your search for the perfect rental apartment, that not all apartment buildings are equal.


You will want to make sure you clearly understand the neighborhood, parking issues, noise levels and quality of the building.

As you drive around Tripoli, you may be wondering where is the best neighborhood to rent? That depends on you…

If you are looking for something less expensive, then you will either want to find an apartment building farther out of the city center or one that is a little older.

There are some very nice new apartments in some excellent neighborhoods, but those will cost you a little extra. We recommend that you spend some time in each neighborhood to get a feel for the environment and security,

Furnished or unfurnished?

One final thing to consider as you are looking for your apartment for rent in Tripoli is whether you need it furnished or unfurnished.


There are a number of excellent furnished apartments that can be found in large buildings or a level of a villa. Some times the furnishings are lacking, but some have wonderful options.

If you have your own furniture, you can usually have the owner remove their furniture and rent the property for less money.