Rental Mistakes Tripoli Libya

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting In Libya

Whether it’s your first rental or the tenth, it is essential to understand the 3 mistakes to avoid when renting in Libya. In the past few months (July 2021), Libya has started to return to a “semi-normal” state. We are starting to see a number of foreign companies and embassies making the move back to Tripoli. While many are aware of what it takes to rent an ideal home in Libya, others are clueless and tend to commit the same mistakes. Avoid the following mistakes when renting your next property in Tripoli.

Mistake #1: Not visiting enough properties

Often, due to lack of time, clients visit only one or two properties when finding a suitable rental. Clients settle for the first property they visit and fail to explore a wide range of options available. As a result, clients move in and later on regret their hasty decision. What may seem beautiful from outside, may not be beautiful from inside. Renting a dream house for your family or office space for your business requires efforts from your end.

At Tripoli Properties, we aim at providing rental properties as per our client’s requirement for them to take an unbiased decision. Our professional staff will listen to you, will explain to you and show you a wide variety of properties in Tripoli. You don’t need to rush. Take your time & see enough properties

Mistake #2: Ignoring the importance of location

We all know the saying, “Location, Location, Location”. Location is one of the key factors determining the happiness of renters & buyers. Make sure you check out the top places to rent in Tripoli.

Clients often have an irresistible impulse to finalize a rental solely on its looks and not the location. According to psychology, human behavior cannot surpass anything (an apartment or a villa) available at an affordable price. However, if the property is located in a dingy and unhygienic area or is very far away from your office, you will resent the decision of choosing a house over its location.

It’s definitely worthwhile to give up a small requirement or pay a little extra to reduce the travel time either to your office or to nearby restaurants and shops.

Mistake #3: Setting false expectations

Whenever someone moves to a new city or country, they have certain expectations about the house in which they will start their new life.

For example, will the house have a central air conditioning and heating system like houses from their home country? Will there be a terrace garden or not? Some of us even have expectations regarding the monthly rental price & how payments will be made.

To avoid falling into the trap of these unrealistic expectations, we advise you to write to us and give your detailed requirement before moving to Libya. We are more than happy to assist you in every possible way we can. We serve with a smile.

Call us or contact us before making a visit to see the potential properties so that we are prepared and help you make an informed decision on the property you will rent in Libya.