Top Recommended Places To Rent & Live In Tripoli

Location, Location, Location!

As you’ve probably heard, the catch phrase when it comes to real estate is “Location, location, location!”

If you are looking to make the move here to Tripoli, we highly recommend that you look into the various areas of Tripoli before deciding where to focus your search for your next home. There are many nice areas of Tripoli to choose from, however the following three general areas are the places that we find most recommended.


Probably our top choice in terms of areas of Tripoli would be in the Ben Ashour, Nofleen, or Zawiat Dahmani neighborhoods. While the prices are a bit higher here, their central location makes the convenience of living there worth it! In places such as Ben Ashour and Jeraba streets, you can also find top end shops and cafes. There are also a number of foreign embassies and residences in these areas. Many of the private hospitals and clinics are located there as well as some of the best schools.


These neighborhoods are all generally along Gergaresh Road. This is a main road that runs along the coast if you head west from downtown. It is definitely a bustling area of town with ample shopping and dining choices. You will find such names as Cinnabon, Debenhams, Zen, Timberland, Marks & Spencer, Mango and H&M in this area. These areas are also where many of the foreign embassies and residences are located. In addition, there is an abundance of gas stations, clinics, schools and cafes.


If you are looking for a home with a garden and more space, then Serraj or Janzour are your best options! Here you can find spacious villas with nice gardens, lawns, and even swimming pools. The houses are not built nearly as close together as they are in other parts of Tripoli, allowing for more privacy for your family. Depending on where your work is located, these areas may be a bit longer of a commute. However, having the extra space to entertain and for your family to enjoy as well as the peace and tranquility from less traffic may just make it worth the extra drive time! These areas also have plenty of shopping, dining and school options in Serraj and Janzour.