Gated communities in Tripoli Libya

Gated Communities in Tripoli, Libya

Many foreign companies and their employees are looking for gated communities in Tripoli, Libya. Although gated communities are popular in many countries of the world, they are actually hard to find in Libya.

Types of Gated Communities in Tripoli

There are really only a few options that can be considered a “gated community” in Tripoli, Libya

  • Private Gated Communities – villas & apartments that are secured by their own exterior wall and security team.
  • Gated Hotel – hotels that have are protected by exteriors walls with a security team monitoring the property.

Private Gated Communities

When one thinks of a private gated community, the first choice that comes to mind is the Palm City Residence. Located in Janzour, Palm City is perhaps the only truly gated community in Tripoli. Palm City was designed and developed to be a total solution for foreign companies, organizations and individuals operating in Libya.

Palm City offers a wide variety of accommodation options including villas and apartments. They provide security, backup power, exercise gym, pool, cafe and much more.

If you’d like more information about Palm City, please contact us & we can answer your questions.

Regatta Village (otherwise know as the NOC camp) is another possible gated community in Tripoli.

Gated Hotels

Although not really a “gated community”, you can find a few gated hotels in Tripoli. These hotels offer some of the same perks as a normal gated community but they are still hotels. These gated hotels do offer some security, swimming pools, exercise gyms, restaurants and much more.

When you think of gated hotels in Tripoli, the Corinthia Hotel is the first to come to mind. The Hotel Mahary (Radisson Blu) is another potential options for a gated hotel.

Companies & embassies have been known to rent entire floors in these hotels. They are a great short & medium term solution for those entering the Libya market.

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Why use a gated community?

There are a number of property options for companies and organizations in Tripoli, so why use a gated community? Perhaps the biggest reason is ease & simplicity. Gated communities take care of the stress and headaches of running your own property. They provide security and maintenance which can be costly and take a lot of time and energy.

Another reason is that provide additional services that you may need. Whether you are thinking about food services, exercise, or other business services, these gated communities can help.

Perhaps the main drawback of gated communities is the expense. Although they may appear expensive at first glance, when you factor in all of the hidden costs of running your own property, you will find them to be a good option.

Do you need help finding the right option?

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