What type of property are you looking for?

Types of Real Estate Properties in Tripoli, Libya

Apartments: “Your next home”


You will find many apartments in each of the neighborhoods of Tripoli. Because of the huge demand on living spaces, most apartments are snatched up quickly. From 2 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms, apartments can be found to accommodate most families. Some of the buildings have modern conveniences like elevators, while others are more basic.


Villas: “For a little more space”


These higher-end homes are perfect for those looking for an oasis in the midst of the busy life of Tripoli. Villas can be perfect for a single family or for the total business solution. Villas are normally found in a few key neighborhoods, so make sure you do your research before making a quick decision. You may even be able to rent part of a villa.


Office Space: “Doing business in Libya”


If you are looking to establish your business presence in Tripoli, you can choose from a number of different office spaces. Since the revolution, most of the towers are completely full, however more building are being developed as we speak. Many companies have found a solution by renting an entire villa for living and office spaces. Make sure you have the necessary security, parking and options to accommodate your business needs.


Retail Space: “Location, Location, Location”

For those interested in the retail business, you can find different sizes and styles for your business. Depending on your business idea, you will want to choose your location carefully. From small shops to large outlets, Tripoli offers some excellent retail options.