Villas for Rent in Tripoli

If you are looking for villas for rent in Tripoli, Libya, you need to consider your options carefully. Whether you are looking for an office or home, you might want to consider a standalone villa.

There are a number of great neighborhoods that offer villas in Tripoli. Deciding on the right location can impact security, peace of mind, driving times & ease of life.

Types of Villas for Rent in Tripoli

There are really only 3 types of villas for rent in Tripoli. We have broken them down into the following categories:

  • Office & Residential Villas
  • Furnished & Unfurnished Villas
  • Standard & Luxury Villas

Villas for Offices

If you are looking for a larger office space, you might want to consider a standalone villa. It is very popular in Tripoli for companies to outfit a villa for their office.

Villas offer some privacy & security that other apartments or traditional office spaces don’t usually have.

Some of the villas have already been converted into office style properties.

Residential Villas

Most villas were built with the purpose to house the family. They are built with multiple floors & different living spaces. Tripoli offers a number of sizes of residential villas.

Furnished Villas for Rent in Tripoli

If you are looking for a simple solution, you may want to consider a fully furnished villa. As you know, furnished villas come in all different styles & quality. You will want to make sure that you visit your villa so you can see what furnishings are available.

For most furnished villas in Tripoli, you will get everything you need to setup your new home. The landlord will provide furniture, appliances, bedding & even kitchenware.

Unfurnished Villas for Rent

Perhaps you want to add your own touches of home to your new villa. You can easily find an unfurnished villa in Tripoli. The landlord may provide air-conditioners, but all other furniture will be your responsibility.

The pricing for an unfurnished villa will be considerably lower than that of a furnished villa.

Standard Villas for Rent

If budget is your concern, you will want to look for a standard style villa. These villas range from average to below average in quality. You will mainly see the difference in the quality of the furnishings, fixtures and amenities.

Most villas will have some sort of outside space. You may have access to a little garden area and a garage.

The price of a standard villa is going to be much more affordable than a luxury villa.

Luxury Villas for Rent in Tripoli

When looking for a villa, you might be asked if you want a VIP or “Full Option”. These villas come decked out with European furniture, fancy fixtures, and the extra amenities.

Luxury villas will usually have a beautiful outside area. You will probably have a lovely garden and perhaps an outdoor swimming pool.

Clearly you will need to pay for this additional luxury.

Location of Your Villa

People always say that Location matters. When you are looking for your villa in Tripoli, you will want to choose your location wisely. If you are looking for some peace & quiet, you might choose a location outside of the city. If you are looking for security & ease, you definitely want to be located in the city. You can check out these top places to rent & live in Tripoli.