Office for Rent in Tripoli, Libya

If you are looking for an office for rent in Tripoli, Libya, you have a number of different things to consider carefully. In the short article, we will try to help you clearly understand the different choices & decisions regarding the right office in Tripoli.

Types of Offices for Rent in Tripoli

There are really 5 types of offices for rent in Tripoli. We have broken them down into the following categories:

  • Office Buildings / Complexes: large towers or buildings designed to host many offices
  • Villa Office: standalone villa that is converted into your personal office space
  • Apartment Office: 2 – 3 bedroom apartment that is converted into office space
  • Storefront Office: located on a main street with good walk-in options
  • Co-working Space: shared office space

Office Building / Complexes

Tripoli has a number of large towers and buildings that have been designed to provide office spaces for companies. A few of the well known office complexes are Tripoli Towers (Burj Trabulous) or Dhat Al Imad. These “sky scrappers” have over 25 floors and offer a number of different office options.

Many foreign companies like the appeal of the office buildings because they offer different size options, on premise security, backup power & cleaning all in a central location downtown.

If you want to consider renting from one of these office buildings, you will need to contact their administrative office.

Villa Office

One of the most common ways that foreign companies find office spaces in Tripoli is by using a standalone villa. These villas were originally built for residential purposes have been converted into office spaces.

One of the draws to a standalone villa is the privacy & security. Your company does not need to worry about sharing your space with any other businesses and competitors.

Some companies find that villas do not offer enough parking for their employees, so you will want to make sure that you take that into consideration.

One other benefit of using a villa is that you could use it as a combined office & residential space. Some companies use the ground floor for public office spaces while using the top floors for living quarters for their team.

If you are looking for a villa office, the best way to find one is using a local real estate agent.

Apartment Office

For those who are looking for a smaller & more affordable option, you might want to consider an apartment. These apartments are often in residential areas or buildings but have been converted into office spaces.

The benefit of the apartment style office is the price & size. You should be able to easily find and office apartment that will meet your company specifications & requirements. Prices for offices may be slightly higher than for living but you can find something reasonable.

The downside of some apartment offices is that they are in residential buildings. You may face issues with neighbors, parking or water issues (depends on the electricity).

If you are looking for an apartment office, the best way to find one is using a local real estate agent.

Storefront Office

Some companies are looking to have easy access for their walk-in clients. Tripoli has a number of “popular areas” where name brand stores are popping up. These storefront offices will give your company high visibility & brand awareness.

The downside of the storefront style office is the price. Many of these popular areas are very expense to rent. Pricing is usually established by square meter.

A hybrid model might be to find an office right above a ground level storefront.

Coworking Spaces

In the last few years, Coworking spaces have become popular in Tripoli. There are a number of very professional co-working spaces available. A few that come to mind are spaces like Nuqta or The Hive.

These coworking spaces offer business services, internet, cafes & meeting rooms. Depending on what you are willing to pay, you can find a number of great options.

Some of these spaces will also rent you your own office space inside of their coworking space. This is nice for those who are looking for privacy and a little more professionalism for their company.

The downside of coworking space is privacy and pricing. Depending on the number of employees you have, coworking spaces can get expensive.

People always say that Location matters. When you are looking for your office in Tripoli, you will want to choose your location wisely. If you are looking for some peace & quiet, you might choose a location outside of the city. If you are looking for security & ease, you definitely want to be located in the city.