Sitting area in a villa

Furnished or Unfurnished Housing?

As you consider settling in Tripoli, both furnished and unfurnished accommodations are available. As you consider your next house for rent in Tripoli, take some time to consider the furnishings. What are the pros & cons of a furnished place versus and unfurnished place?

Furnished homes in Tripoli

Over the last few years, we have been able to see a lot of different furnished apartments and villas in Tripoli. You will quickly see that there are a different levels of furnished accommodations. Furnished homes range from basic furnishings to fully furnished.

A basic furnished property will usually have beds, appliances and couches. The quality of the furniture may be a little lower quality. A fully furnished home will have all of that mentioned about but also come complete with lamps, plants and pictures on the wall! You can find some fairly luxurious apartments in Tripoli.

If you do decide on a furnished option, you can also discuss your needs with the landlord. Many times, the owner is willing to add furniture to the property to make it even more livable.

One thing that you will want to clarify with the landlord is whether the house comes with a generator or not. A generator is normally NOT provided by the landlord, but sometimes that can be negotiated into the rental contract.

The benefits of a furnished home is convenience. If you are looking for the convenience of simply stepping into a home and unpacking, a furnished option would be perfect for you. You don’t need to take the time and hassle of finding the right furniture for your place. It can also save money in the long run.

Unfurnished homes in Tripoli

If you would prefer to choose your own furniture and decorate to your specific taste, choose an unfurnished house. Cupboards and bed frames, mattresses and appliances are all readily available. Explore the variety at Souq Jamae Saga or ride down to the Gorgi appliance stores. Trucks and drivers are ready to deliver your purchases to your new home. Enjoy the textures as you admire rolls of carpet and wait just minutes as they are cut to size and the edges are bound.

Ask a friend to show you through the material shops and try out the wide range of cushions available for your salon. Savor the process of custom-made couches! Don’t forget the curtains for the finishing touch.

The benefits of an unfurnished apartment is that you can make the new place your home. You can choose the colors and styles that you enjoy. You also don’t have to worry about ruining the furniture of the landlord because you have paid for them.

Whether you prefer the options in designing your own home, or would rather the simplicity of stepping into a furnished house, make sure you don’t make these 3 mistakes while searching for a home. Come and talk with us at Tripoli Properties so that we can help you are your house hunting journey.